About Business Partnerships Canada

Business Partnerships Canada focuses on connecting Canadian small business owners and giving them the tools they need to succeed in a partnering environment.

The concept of a Business Networking website specifically targeted to connect Canadian entrepreneurs to others and to create virtual brainstorming and support team right across the country that would benefit all participants.

One of the key wishes was that the site provide information about creative intelligence alliances so that each entrepreneur can find the right people and the right format for themselves. The site also allows you to indicate your interest in forming a group in your area, so that other members can search for those individuals and meet with them to determine whether they are a good match. Lastly, the site also allows for each group to have a private, centralized location to post and track event happenings and minutes, for all members to be able to look back at commitments and past activities.

Over the years, the site has moved from a purely online networking format, to hosting seminars/networking events with topics of interest to small business owners.

When you partner with the right business owners:

  • you generate new ideas that differentiate your company from your competitors;
  • you open new markets; and
  • you share the risks and costs of new development across a wider base.

Success is a matter of having the right information and acting on it. Find other Canadian Entrepreneurs interested in bartering and joint ventures. Browse articles in our website. Jump into a discussion on a topic that interests you. Discover what people just like you have learned and avoid the pitfalls in starting a business.