Create Customer Loyalty: Increase Sales And Improve Business

Customer Loyalty Program - Loyalty Card

Customer loyalty- how do you get it? This is a question business owners find themselves asking all the time. Customer satisfaction is what they strive for because returning customers mean more money and referrals.

Barbara walks into your store every time with a smile on her face. She loves you and your business and is constantly sending you new customers. The only way Barbara could be a better customer is if she shovelled the snow off your sidewalk for you. How can you find more customers just like Barbara?

Customer Loyalty Is The Key To Business Success

Customer loyalty is the key to business success. All owners want to grow their business and returning customers with referrals are what keeps a business afloat and helps it thrive. So, to keep customers satisfied and returning, business owners need to get creative.

If you are a parent of teenagers, you have probably heard the term, BFF. She is my BFF or he is my BFF. What is BFF? It stands for ‘Best Friend Forever.’ Why don’t you take your kid’s favorite term and use it as a concept for a customer loyalty program for your business? Do some brainstorming to see how you can create BFF customers for your business.

4 Rules for Creating a Customer Loyalty Program

  • Make The Customer Feel Special—Learn their name and use it all the time. Set up a system to remember birthdays, anniversaries and send them greeting cards on these special days. Remembering personal information makes them feel important.
  • Be Creative—Surprise your customers with gifts, cards or personal notes with their orders to show they are appreciated. Learn their likes and dislikes. Think of your customers whenever you come up with a loyalty program. For example, when conceptualizing a physical rewards card, choose a design that resonates with your target market.
  • Be Consistent—A successful relationships require consistent communication. Ongoing contact with customers giving them new information, rewards and discounts reinforces their belief that they are special to you and you value their business.
  • Be Sincere— One fact about sincerity is that it cannot be faked. A person can spot insincerity in an instant and artificiality can damage all previous efforts to gain their trust.

All businesses are competing for customers. A customer loyalty program that makes patrons feel important will maximize profits and create a stream of new buyers through referrals. When a customer is valued, then competition is not an issue. When a person is treated outstandingly, there is no desire to seek out competitors and word of mouth referrals will come pouring in.


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