Good Customer Service – Improve Customer Satisfaction

Improve Customer Service

Good customer service is one of the most valuable tools any business owner can have. And there are a number of easy ways to ensure customer satisfaction.


Customer service is one of the most essential parts of creating and running a successful business. Companies known for having excellent customer service skills, friendly employees and good problem resolutions are more likely to attract and retain customers. Employee training and customer satisfaction surveys are two basic ways to ensure good customer service, and reinforce the necessity of improving customer satisfaction. There are a number of ways to improve the customer service skills of a company.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

One of the easiest ways to gauge customer service skills is to take customer satisfaction surveys. Surveying customers is a great way to determine how guests feel after interacting with a business, and they can create a goal for improving customer service with each visit. Offer a coupon or discount to customers who take an online customer satisfaction survey or fill out a printed survey at the business location.

Keep in touch with customers who offer feedback to determine if customer satisfaction is improving. Offer opportunities for guests to offer feedback on a regular basis.

Customer Demographics – How to Tailor Customer Service to the Customers

Develop a demographic of the people who use the business. This can include information about the physical characteristics of guests, as well as their lifestyle preferences, opinions and personal values. Use this demographic information to develop a strategy for making each guest feel comfortable when interacting with the business.

Use information based on customer feedback to develop a general idea about the demographic of shoppers and guests who visit the business on a regular basis.

What are the Benefits of Employee Training?

Employee interaction with customers plays a huge role in creating the level of customer satisfaction individuals feel with a business. Employees put a human face on a company, and their performance when interacting with customers can decide whether or not guests become repeat customers. Employee training offers many benefits to business owners.

Train employees to interact with customers in a positive, respectful manner. According to Be Our Guest, by the Disney Institute, customers want to feel that they are treated with respect and dignity. There are a number of ways employees can be trained to work with customers.

Training Employees for Customer Service

Employee training should include customer service and customer satisfaction as two of its central goals. Teach employees how to interact with customers in a successful and positive way. For example, each customer should be greeted with a smile and a vocal greeting. Employees should actively seek out customers and offer assistance. In case of a problem, such as a returned or defective item, employees should be able to offer a solution or find another employee who can. Train employees to focus on the positive outcome of any situation. Thank customers at the end of each interaction.

Customer Satisfaction and the Service Mission

Have employees create a service mission that reflects the desire to create a positive business experience for each customer. Display the service mission in a location that is visible to both employees and customers as a reminder of the goal of the business. Increased customer satisfaction can be easier to attain when employees have a visible reminder of their service mission.

Working with customers is a vitally important part of any business. Ensuring that each customer leaves happy will help keep shoppers returning to the business. Happy customers can keep a business afloat for many years, and well-trained employees are the best way to ensure great customer service.

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