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Gothic Contact Lenses

The goth subculture has always had their way with dark fashion, seeking to bring the darkness within outside. The exhibitionists and the more serious ones can now take their goth look up a notch, completing their transformation. The gothic contact lenses gained popularity when Marilyn Manson began wearing them around 1996 during one of his tours. Since then, many lens makers have produced lenses of a wide enough range to fulfill any goth’s fantasies.

Since Manson’s debut with his lenses, many musicians, actors even some wrestlers have made appearances sporting a pair of gothic contacts lenses. A particular trait of gothic contact lenses is the diverse spectrum of colored lenses that have been made available. The more popular ones are black and white, blood red, pitch black, full eye or sclera contact lenses as well as the acid green ones. Often, retailers sell Halloween contact lenses as goth contacts. However, it is important as a buyer to choose the look of your lens wisely, or else you look like someone told you Halloween was in May, and you believed them.

Unlike the colored lenses available for cosmetic purposes, gothic contacts are painted on, usually by hand. They aren’t tinted to translucency, but instead, are opaque. Their method of production makes it easy for people to order them in any pattern or design they like. Lenses with patterns are rarely popular among goths, seeming to possess a chicer and fashion conscious look, even if they have been painted on with dark colors. The best lenses are usually solid colored ones.

The brand new entrant into the gothic contact lenses market is the white-out contact lens. These milky lenses cover the cornea and give your eyes the undead look. Considered by some as more attention-grabbing as painted on contacts, they are yet to become as popular as the full eye black sclera contact lenses. This gives them an added advantage of appearing less conformist than their darker counterparts while offering superior comfort and minimizing dryness and accentuated the whole point of being goth, as well as help in defining your personality.

Usually, gothic contact lenses are offered for sale with a handy bottle of contact lens solution and without a prescription. One should prefer ordering from places that require a prescription, for the simple reason, that it is a sign of reliability. Almost all of the gothic lenses available online are Plano or zero power lenses. If you’re purchasing your contact lenses from an unknown or imported brand, you should consult your optometrist and let him have a look at the store selling the lenses too. People who’re already prescribed contacts would need to order powered contact lenses, which would cost them a bit more. For corrective contact lens wearers, a specific prescription is not required, you just an ongoing valid prescription.

It is important that your gothic contact is taken care of in the same manner as you would care for normal contacts, not only for the benefit of the lenses but that of your eyes too. One should also make sure that they aren’t kept around after their expiry date has passed. All standard instructions regarding cleaning and storage them should be followed, in addition to changing the contact lens solution regularly. An additional safety tip that first time contact lens users should remember is that your gothic contact lenses should never be shared with anyone else. In addition to being unhygienic, sharing your gothic contact lenses may cause potentially serious damage to the eye.