Pay Per Click Optimization Tips

PPC Keywords Can Drive Targeted Traffic

A Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign can lead to high conversions if the rules for Pay Per Click optimization are followed. Read these useful Pay Per Click optimization tips.


Pay Per Click is not the cheapest way to drive traffic to one’s site but if a PPC campaign is properly planned and executed, it could turn out that the profit made out of it is substantial. PPC advertising is one of the best ways to drive targeted visitors to a site and hope for good conversion rates. In order this to happen, there are certain PPC optimization tips to keep in mind.

Choose a Small Number of Targeted PPC Keywords

When PPC optimization tips are concerned, one of the most important tips is to keep the number of keywords small. It might sound more lucrative to choose tens of keywords to bid for but this is not profitable. When a large number of keywords is selected, targeting is less precise and as a result, conversion rates are lower.

In the beginning, it might be difficult to pick the right keywords. One possible approach is to pick many keywords and run a small campaign in order to see which of them convert and which don’t. After this test, the professional marketer has a set of good PPC keywords to bid for and he or she should stick to them.

Don’t Participate in PPC Bid Wars

Even if there are particular PPC keywords that convert marvelously, if these PPC keywords are expensive, PPC optimization for them might not be viable. Sometimes it might be hard to resist the temptation to outbid a competitor for a lucrative PPC keyword but generally, PPC bid wars don’t lead to increased income. Rather, PPC bid wars can exhaust one’s PPC advertising budget and leave him or her without means to bid on cheaper (and good) keywords.

Track Conversions

Tracking conversions is a must and there is hardly an experienced PPC marketer who doesn’t do it. There are special software applications (including free ones) to track conversions and the benefit of these applications is that they show how much was spent and how much was gained from a particular PPC campaign.

A good software package can calculate many rates – for instance how many clicks are necessary in order to make a sale. These statistics are useful because they help to fine-tune a PPC advertising campaign and spend money wisely.

Budget Wisely a PPC Campaign

Another vital PPC optimization tip to keep a PPC advertising campaign under control is to budget wisely. Based on what the verdict of the conversions tracking tool is, a webmaster needs to make a budget that is aimed at achieving top results with minimal investment.

There are many ways to budget wisely a PPC campaign. For instance, daily limits on the amount of money to spend or limits on repetitive clicks from the same IP are just some of the easiest to do.

Use Conventional SEO As Well

PPC is a very powerful way to drive targeted traffic and generate sales but good old SEO isn’t dead. The discussion is not SEO or PPC is best because in many cases when a PPC campaign doesn’t work well or simply is too expensive, exclusive content for SEO campaign can perform much better. This is why it is necessary not only to carry PPC optimization but also to devote time, effort, and money to SEO as well.

PPC optimization has many aspects. Pay Per Click keywords, especially Google Pay Per Click, work very well if one knows how to use them. If he or she doesn’t, then a PPC campaign can quickly turn into a waste of time and money.

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