The Path to Becoming a Confident Public Speaker


You have no doubt seen an audience responding very positively to a public

speaker who speaks with confidence. There is something about them, they

hold themselves with a certain air, they seem invincible, alluring, attractive…

but how do they do it?


If you want to develop your confidence levels when speaking consider using

some of these simple steps below to increase your own confidence and make

you feel incredible:


Make sure that you fill your mind with positive thoughts. You can do this by

imagining yourself getting up and speaking in front of an audience and doing

so with confidence and poise. Fill your mind with positive pictures of yourself,

the audience responding, everything going well. Picture people coming up to

you after your speech telling you what a great job you did and how confident

you looked.


Think about other areas of your life where you have been successful and

developed confidence. It might be that you are very confident in a particular

field. Remind yourself of how well you have done in this particular field and

renew the feelings of confidence that you have managed to develop around

this topic. It’s good to remind yourself of this because at some stage you

were not as confident as you are now in that particular area, you have

developed your confidence through practice, experience, knowledge and

determination. You did it once, you can do it again.


To feel confident it is important to be thoroughly prepared. This means

knowing the topic that you are speaking about, researching about it and

ensuring you know it back to front. It means practicing; rehearsing, timing

yourself and anticipating any questions you may be asked. Watch professional speakers and try to get inspiration from them – if you want, check a great speaker here.


Remember that if you act confidently, you will be more confident. How do you

act confidently? You can ensure you walk tall, shoulders back, chest out and

smile. So many people forget to smile but a smile can really help you to relax

and can show the audience you feel comfortable. By filling your mind with

positive thoughts and words you are also sending out a positive energy to the

audience which allows you to look more confident.


Don’t agonize about the audience and how they are judging you or what

they are thinking about you. Embrace who you are and be genuine in your

delivery. Don’t worry about stumbling over the odd word or making a

mistake. If you show that you are human then audiences will connect with

you as they can relate to you.


One of the biggest tips I received early on when learning about public

speaking was the more you appear to be confident to others, the more your

confidence will actually grow. So keep believing in yourself. Keep practicing

and watch your confidence grow rapidly.


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